Campaign Plan and Timescale

The Government had intended to introduce the IR35 Off-Payroll Tax in April 2020, but following campaigning and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, announced that this would be delayed by a year to April 2021.  

So the Off-Payroll Tax legislation has not yet been scrapped, only postponed. 

We have, however, managed to get the message to MPs and there are many MPs who have asked questions and expressed their opposition to the Off-Payroll Tax and Zero Rights Employment.  Many candidates signed the Stop The Off-Payroll Tax candidate commitment during the 2019 General Election.   

So we need more MPs to get the message – and understand the huge damage that the ill-considered and unfair Off-Payroll Tax has and will do to both the public and private sectors. 

So don’t delay, join the campaign – we will give you all the resources you need – and raise the damaging Off-Payroll Tax with YOUR MP and ask them to support the UK’s flexible workforce!

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