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We are the contracting sector campaign against the unfair Off-Payroll (IR35) Tax, that will see many contractors, freelancers and locum workers classed as “deemed employees” and forced to pay extra taxes as an employee, but without receiving any of the benefits and rights of employment.

The Government plans on introducing this in April 2021 – and our goal is to stop it happening.

Campaign successes so far

  • Helped delay the reforms for 12 months.
  • Organised two successful Westminster protests and two drop-in meetings with MPs.
  • Signed up almost 3,000 campaign supporters.
  • Backed by over 70 MPs in Parliament.
  • Met with key cabinet ministers and MPs.
  • Informed key national newspapers.

5 key campaign objectives

  • Attempt to halt the roll out to the private sector.
  • Campaign for a genuine review.
  • Fight for fair representation of contractors in the tax system.
  • Campaign to ban Zero Rights Employment.
  • Fight to stop unscrupulous corporations from forcing contractors to pay employers tax.

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Please contribute to the campaign fund

The off-payroll (IR35) legislation, that could mean contractors lose up to 30% of their income, is not yet law. Many MPs in the previous Parliament raised concerns and do not wish the Off-Payroll Tax to be introduced. So it’s by no means a done deal and we have a chance of stopping this – and it’s vitally important to contractors and contracting that we do so. We hope that by persuading enough politicians and parties of the damage it will do, that we can prevent the Off-Payroll Tax, but this requires YOUR support, both in terms of campaigning and also financially. So please do contribute to the campaign TODAY!


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